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The Memorial Leighton Heart & Vascular Center

Case Histories:

The Memorial Leighton Heart & Vascular Center is another testament to Judd and Mary Morris Leighton's passion to provide quality medical services to South Bend and surrounding communities. A not-for-profit, community-owned health system, Memorial Hospital and Health System has been serving the healthcare needs of the people of northern Indiana and southern Michigan since 1894.

Designed to offer the latest in cardiovascular care, cardiovascular testing and comprehensive vascular services, the 117,000 square foot facility was completed in 2005 and is devoted to innovative and patient-friendly care. The Center utilizes a universal room concept that allows patients to receive both intensive and intermediate care in their rooms, and special attention was paid to visitor and family gathering spaces. With a 19 bed short-stay unit and 28 private inpatient rooms, the Center provides the best possible environment for patients and families.

In addition to the Heart & Vascular Center, Leighton and his wife funded the Memorial Leighton Center for Senior Health, the Memorial Leighton Health Plex, and the Memorial Leighton Trauma Center.