Food waste and hunger are two issues that are inextricably linked in America.  Americans waste approximately 40% of their food, yet nearly 55 million people in this country are food insecure, meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  Cultivate Culinary School and Catering, Inc. is devoted to organizing our community resources to fight hunger through food rescue, the collection and re-distribution of unserved, prepared food.

Cultivate began the renovation of their new building on Prairie Avenue with a goal of serving even more people in our community.  As new kitchens, prep areas, and an enormous drive-in freezer were being built, it was determined that they would need to move donated food into and out of the building faster and more efficiently than in the past to avoid backlogs.  This would require the replacement of two older, inefficient garage doors with new power-operated doors, and the purchase of a new electric forklift able to navigate the large, high-walled freezer.    

The Foundation was pleased to invest in a capital project designed to reduce hunger in the community.  We approved grant funding for the replacement of the two garage doors and purchase of the new electric forklift.

202 South Michigan Street, Suite 910
South Bend, Indiana 46601

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