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South Bend Code Works - Digital Storefront

South Bend Code School

South Bend Code Works – Digital Storefront

The Covid -19 pandemic highlighted the technological vulnerabilities of small businesses everywhere.  In St. Joseph County, many small businesses learned first-hand that the intelligent use of technology could be the determining factor in their very survival.

Technology can be expensive, however, and for many small businesses the funding required to build a website, establish an online presence, and utilize other technologies isn’t always readily available, particularly for newer, smaller companies.  Businesses without the necessary funding, or the knowledge and specific skillsets required to implement these technologies in-house can quickly find themselves in peril.

In response to this need, South Bend Code School (SBCS) has partnered with the City of South Bend to provide a continuation/expansion of an earlier pilot program offering technology consultation and implementation services to small businesses in our community. This earlier program uncovered a demand for these services that was far greater than they could supply at that time- approximately 20 of the 160 businesses seeking assistance.

South Bend Code School submitted a grant request to the Foundation designed to aid in the funding of this follow up effort known as “South Bend Code Works -Digital Storefront.”  The Foundation, understanding the potential economic development implications of aiding in the success of dozens of local small businesses, approved their request.

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