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Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative

St. Mary's College

Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) provides financial literacy, business development, and management assistance to women entrepreneurs in St. Joseph County.  Sponsored by St. Mary’s College since 2010, WEI offers two major programs, an Executive Forum which aids second stage women business owners in scaling up their businesses, and SPARK, which seeks to help under-resourced, high-potential aspiring women entrepreneurs to start or grow their own small businesses.

Class of 2019

The WEI greatly exceeded expectations in its first four years, with over 2,200 individuals benefitting from 41 educational events, conferences, and seminars.  Although they had been able to raise the necessary operating funds to that point, the success of the program had outgrown WEI’s staffing.  The Foundation elected to support a general grant request for additional staff and training, helping this valuable initiative to sustain its expanded level of service.

202 South Michigan Street, Suite 910
South Bend, Indiana 46601

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