For over 10 years, Unity Gardens has connected our community to healthy food, nature, and one another through its network of over 40 free-pick vegetable gardens, free gardening and food classes, and other wellness programs.  In order to expand the level of these services within more of the underserved areas of the community, a capital campaign was initiated to construct a Welcome Center at the 7 acre LaSalle Square site.  In addition to the normal Unity Garden offerings, the new Welcome Center would include the raising of chickens, goats, bees and wildflowers. 

Recognizing the health benefits to the community, the Foundation approved the grant that put the capital campaign over the top. When the Welcome Center is complete, they will be able to host their classes more effectively, shelter their Garden Campers and summer interns, run a roadside stand/market, and house the tools and equipment needed to support the gardens throughout the city.

202 South Michigan Street, Suite 910
South Bend, Indiana 46601

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